Covid-19 and immunity

Today, March 29, 2020, all we seem to hear or see are references to Covid-19. What not to do, where not to go, how far apart to stay from people, the list goes on. What you don’t hear too much about is what you can do for yourself. Your body’s immune system is amazing and with a little helping hand, it can be the superhero you need! So how does one boost their immune system? That is definitely not a one-answer type of question. However, Covid-19 and immunity can be understood rather easily. This week we are focusing on Elderberry! It’s wonderful, natural, and tastes great!

Elderberry has a long, sometimes not so flattering, history that you can read more about here! We even have our picks of videos that help to shed more light on the topic! But you’re not here to look at other opinions. No! You landed on our blog to read our thoughts on Covid-19 and immunity and elderberry is where it starts! It comes in so many varieties, you’ll have a hard time choosing what is right for you. From gummies and syrups all the way to capsules! No matter what you pick you will end up with something tasty and healthy! This stuff has been used for millennia to combat viral symptoms and is chock full of antioxidants to help fight those nasty free radicals!

No matter what direction you go in, you can’t go wrong giving yourself a daily helping hand with elderberry! We are passionate about the products we carry and will be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have. Stop by and pick up yours today!